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Hall of Fame

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We invite you to contribute money to the TACAMO Heritage Center and help us make this dream become a reality. By so doing, you will be empowering the Hall of Fame and the TACAMO Heritage Center.


Criteria for Induction to the TACAMO Hall of Fame

Guidelines for TCVA Hall of Fame induction:

• Minimum 2 tours in TACAMO (or equivalent time)

• Contributed to the mission, the aircraft, morale and the good reputation of TACAMO

• Demonstrated leadership, technically, professionally and personally, a mentor.

• Performs community service for the TACAMO Community

• Performed some sort of extraordinary task or event that shaped the TACAMO mission

• Generally recognized by his/her peers as deserving of this award


Nominations can be submitted year round
The Selection Committee shall select nominees, one must be posthumous of the five Hall of Fame Recipients

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