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TCVA is proud to announce the Scholarship Program

Our first scholarship will be in the name of William "Buff "Crowell III

Initially, the scholarship will provide financial aid to active-duty sailors, their spouses and dependents in their pursuit of education in a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) curriculum or other certification programs. Eventually, TCVA plans to expand its scope to include dues-paying TCVA members who can sponsor students for the same type of pursuits. More details on the program will be published on our website and in upcoming newsletters.

If you want to make a donation to Buff's Scholarship fund click on the Donate Button or scan the QR code

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“TACAMO JOE ON LIBERTY” T-shirts - "100% of sales goes to Buff Scholarship"

We begin the fund raising program with the sale of “TACAMO Joe on Liberty” T-shirts. Thanks to Buff Crowell benefactors who have covered the cost of the shirts and Hank Caruso's donation of "TACAMO Joe", 100% of the sales go to the Buff Crowell Scholarship Fund.  These are being sold in the Paraloft.

Why "White" T-shirts?    A Buff Tradition!
TCVA went back to the printers where Buff had the t-shirts made to discuss the t-shirt.  They showed us the white tshirt and design.  So going with a Buff Tradition, we told the printer to repeat the order of what Buff purchased in early 2000.

"TACAMO JOE ON LIBERTY" printed on White T-Shirts are available in Paraloft

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Buff T-shirt.png
Buff T-shirt.png

Take TACAMO Joe on Liberty on the road with you!!!

Wear your "TACAMO JOE on Liberty    "t-shirt, then share photos of your adventure, outing, road-trip with TCVA!

All Proceeds go to Buff's Scholarship Fund

Please include photos, names & location

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