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TACAMO Members,

If you would like to be featured in our Trailing Wire newsletter, please submit your career information by answering the following questions. Then, send your Questions & Answers to 


  • What influenced your decision to join the military?

  • What was your service career path?

  • Of the medals, awards, and qualification badges or devices you received, what is the most meaningful to you?   Why?

  • Did you participate in combat operations?  If so, could you describe those which were significant to you?

  • Of the TACAMO squadrons you were assigned to, which one evokes the fondest memories? Why?

  • What particular memory stands out from your entire service career? Why?

  • Which individual from your TACAMO service stands out as the one who had the biggest impact on you? Why?

  • How has military service influenced the way you have approached your life and career?

  • In what ways has TCVA helped you maintain a bond with your service and those you served with?

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