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Volunteer Contributors 

The following are individuals who have contributed to TCVA:
boneyard safari.jpg
boneyard safari.jpg

Boneyard Safari 


  • Gained access to TACAMO C-130 Hercs in Tucson

  • Assisted in obtaining TACAMO C-130 artifacts for TACAMO Museum Displays

  • Produced the Memorial Monument Ceremony for TACAMOPAC Crew 4 Video

    • ​Full military honors tribute to 16 Navy TACAMO Aircrewmen lost in a C-130 off Wake Island! Memorial monument ceremony for TACAMOPAC Crew 4 at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, "known as the Punchbowl." 



John “Mom” Burgoon,

for compiling the contributions into Not One but Two Cookbooks! 

TACAMO Heritage Cookbook & Reel TACAMO Chow
REEL TACAMO CHOW (RTC) Cookbook history came from Steve Bug Malavolti proposed the cookbook idea in December 2009; now, over 11 years later, in October 2021, cookbook fruition. If the RTC cookbook were an aircraft, it would qualify as a Hangar Queen and a Special Interest Aircraft (SPINTAC) – not flown in 60 days,  60 months, or even 120 months! 
TACAMO Heritage Cookbook are hand typed recipes compiled from the following cookbooks:  

  • VQ-4 Officers Wives Club, Patuxent River, Maryland

  • VQ-4 All Wives Club, Patuxent River, Maryland

  • VQ-3 Officers Wives Club, Barbers Point Hawaii

Without his efforts, these cookbooks would still be tattered, torn, and scattered across the TACAMO world. The original cookbook artwork was retained to the best of TCVA’s abilities with some artistic license employed.

Another note:  John and Linda Burgoon donated half the cost of manufacturing to TCVA. 

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