TCVA Deployments

Boneyard Safari

In April of 2015, TCVA went on a "Boneyard Safari".  42 former TACAMO sailors and their family's spent a long weekend in Tucson, AZ climbing on the very airplanes that carried them from party to party, so many years ago.  9 of the original C-130's still exist there, in the Sonoran desert, in varying states of disrepair.  We scouted the airplanes for the ghosts of deployments past.  Many of us rediscovered our own fingerprints and certainly our memories.  We also visited the Pima Air Museum and the Titan Missile Museum.

You may notice in the photos that we are "harvesting" mission enabling equipment from the boneyard.  These parts are destined to be in our museum exhibits.


Destin and Pensacola, FL.


Liberty Call, Liberty Call ... A TCVA contingent took some liberty in Destin, FL where the primary mission was soaking up sun and suds.  Phil Gallet, the "Ragin' Cajun" brought mass quantities of crawfish and shrimp along with his boiler.  They really put on a feed.  They then went to Pensacola to fulfill a dying wish of Hall of Famer Don Lindeman, to "dress the props on 151891", AKA "Fat Albert.  Not everyone knows that 891 is more famous for its duties as a TACAMO bird and was flown around the world in 1964 by another TACAMO Hall of Famer, Ron Carlson.  Mission accomplished!

2015 - Crew 4 Memorial  NAS OKC

The TCVA has solemn duties to perform, too.  In 2012, we reached out to the families of Crew 4, who tragicly crashed off of Wake Island in 1977.  Their loss has remain unsettled until TCVA made it their mission to find the families and try to give them some closure.  With the help of VQ-3 CO Adam Hancock & XO Scott Moss, we were able to bring 5 of the families members together to honor them.  Crew 4 will be "Always Deployed".