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Heritage Cornerstone Mission

Collecting, cataloging and displaying in museums, artifacts donated by members


 Finding spaces that can be furnished to display TACAMO artifacts donated by our membership and affiliates


Direct "tax deductible" money contributions (see donation link below)

Other, yet defined "fund raisers".


In 2012, a project to build a TACAMO Heritage Center began.  Creating a place to honor the TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductees and house TACAMO archives and memorabilia.

The inauguration at the 2012 TACAMO Reunion the TACAMO Hall of Fame was the first step towards the eventual construction of a Heritage Center where we TACAMO sailors can see and share our "Glory Days" with friends and families. 

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Activities Facilitated

  • Established the TACAMO Hall of Fame, awards are presented at the Reunion

  • Seattle reunion united TACAMO and Boeing members who worked on the E-6.

  • Crew 4 Quest - Connecting with TACAMOPAC Crew 4 family and friends and recognition to TACAMOPAC Crew 4 with memorials and ceremony

  • OKC reunions build relationships with TACAMO active duty members

  • The company, Boneyard Safari assisted TCVA with obtaining some TACAMO Herc plane parts 

  • Boneyard Safari produced the TACAMOPAC Crew 4 Memorial Ceremony at The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific 

  • TCVA assisted with the fundraiser for a plaque to recognize Dave Dick for his extraordinary accomplishments in support of the TACAMO and E-6 Airborne Command Post missions.

  • TACAMO Vets Assist to Find Manuals for Tacamo-III PA, S/N005, which is now back up and working great!

  • VQ-3 History Board - TCVA Ribbon Cutting for the FIRST Museum Display at Naval Air Museum Barbers Point

  • Recognition to Personnel Support Detachment now Customer Support Detachment (CSD), Established 25 years ago

  • Recognition to the Founding Members of TACAMO Survivors Association

  • LinkedIn, connecting former TACAMO veterans and retirees with active duty job seekers

TACAMO Fallen Memorial Stone placement in The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific 

  • TACAMO Artifacts from Boneyard Safari - Collected and cataloged items

  • Heritage Center - Research and Contact museums to place TACAMO Displays

  • Rolled out the NEW TCVA website

  • Trailing Wire Newsletter changed to paperless distribution and added a blog for news alerts

  • Historic documents and presentation are now viewable on the website​

  • Vern Lochausen completed 2 years on the Pax River Museum BOD helping get a TACAMO Display

  • Storage of TACAMO Artifacts in Pax River

  • Reimagine Herc Park

  • Barbers Point Museum Display - replace photos with weather resistant display plates

  • Collecting TACAMO Artifacts - ongoing

  • TACAMO virtual museum

Heritage Center
Projects Completed

TCVA Future Projects, Events & Community-Building Activities

  • 2027 - Honolulu Reunion  "TACAMOPAC Crew 4 50th Anniversary of Fallen"

  • 2023 - NAS OKC "TACAMO Community Reunion" (A fun-filled time with TACAMO Active

                    Duty, Veterans, Industry Partners and their families.)

  • 2022 - Pax River Reunion "Gallery Opening in the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum”

  • 2020 - 2021 On hold due to COVID

  • 2019 - Pensacola - mini-Reunion “Recognizing BuNo 151891 & Ron Carlson”

  • 2017 - Oklahoma City Reunion - “Celebration of TACAMO Heritage" 2018 Charleston SC       “Celebrating 50 Years of TACAMO”

  • 2016 - Honolulu Reunion - Unveiling of VQ-3 Display at Barbers Point Museum

  • 2015 - Boneyard Safari mini- Reunion

  • 2015 - TACAMOPAC Crew 4 Families Gathering at VQ-3 Command in OKC

  • 2015  TCVA Sponsored mini-Reunion Destin, FL - Pensacola Dressing of 891 Props.    

                 Last request of Don Lindeman

  • 2014 - Marietta Reunion - “Salute to the Herc”

  • 2013 - Seattle Reunion- “Hail to the Chief”

  • 2012 - Oklahoma City Reunion

  • 2011 - Pax River Reunion

  • 2010 - Memphis, TN

TCVA Heritage Corner-stone is Realized by
Holding Reunions to Collect Items and Memories

Money & Manpower make Dreams come true

Boneyard Safari TACAMO Forever
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