Established 25 years ago, Personnel Support Detachment now Customer Support Detachment (CSD) closes

Established 25 years ago, Personnel Support Detachment now Customer Support Detachment (CSD) is closing in September. Billets are being stood up in each squadron per the new plan to do personnel records and transactions. Only the ID card section will remain. CSD Oklahoma City has provided all essential services for active duty and reserve military, their families and the retiree population with great distinction. Being geographically isolated and imbedded with the Wing, the Det has served thousands of TACAMO and other Navy customers, nearly all of whom served in their region and have reported, traveled repeatedly, and detached with all of the required pay, leave, entitlement, and personnel

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday, June 8th, began as we all gathered at the Punchbowl chapel. The sun shone through the open grate windows reflecting on the photo of Crew 4. As we made our way up the memorial walk to the monument, we could see a light mist in the distance. We gathered at the top overlook, the mist fell on us as if they were tears of joy. Everyone took notice of this while preparing for the ceremony. As Dennis “Coach” Warren, CAPT (USN Retired) began the ceremony, the sun illuminated the entire crater of the Punchbowl. CAPT Warren was joined by Vern Lochausen CAPT (USN Retired) and CDR Adam Hancock, Operations Officer of Strategic Communications Wing ONE and former VQ-3 Skipper. With Diamond Head

2017 TACAMO Reunion Sponsors

Big thank you to Rockwell Collens for their sponsorship. TCVA is proud to add your logo to the TACAMO Sponsors & Donations page. Thank you for believing in us and for sponsoring the 2017 TACAMO Reunion in OKC. Sponsors/Donations are being collected at & Donations

2017 TACAMO Reunion - NEW EVENT

Friday, June 23rd Reunion "TACAMO Sprit Wear Liberty" is NOW Happy Hour & Dinner at Dorsey & Debbie Martin's Ranch By Invitation from Dorsey & Debbie Martin… Wear your TACAMO Spirit Wear and join us at 2PM for Happy Hour & Dinner -- ADDRESS: 15561 SE 15th Street, Choctaw, OK 73020 Park in big field to the West side of drive way. Who's ATTENDING the Reunion Events? NAS OKC to Dorsey & Debbie Martin's Ranch Sheraton Downtown OKC to Dorsey & Debbie Martin's Ranch

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