TCVA bids "Fair Winds & Following Seas" to Nora Tyson on her retirement from the NAVY

Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Scott H. Swift stated, Tyson’s retirement is “going to leave a large hole in the Navy” but it’s going “to fill rapidly behind her because of her mentoring” across the Navy. Nora Tyson reported to Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron (VQ) 4, where she ultimately served three tours at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River, Maryland. She was the first woman to ever command an American carrier strike group. The first woman to command the forward deployed Singapore-based Task Force 73. The first woman to command a battle fleet. The first woman to navigate the flattop Enterprise. Please click on the following link to read more and see the video http://www.sandiegouniont

Herc Model 156176 - Props Dressed

At the TCVA reunion in OKC, Steve Hickle was visiting the Crew 4 hallway in VQ-3 Hanger. As Steve was looking in the display case, he noticed the props were missing on the C-130 model 156176. A model found by Vern Lochausen and Bill Okoniewski while in OKC for meetings in 2011 about the time of VQ-3 change of command. Vern said, “We were looking for buys in OKC antique shops and came across a Herc. Getting closer, I discovered it was 176. Owner bought it at an estate sale in Dallas. We both got the willies…..decided to buy it and give it to incoming CO to fix up. It wound up in the display.” Steve contacted CDR Britt Windeler, VQ-3 XO to get the measurements for the props. Just so hap

Happy Birthday TCVA!

Happy Birthday to what became TCVA on Sept 3, 2011. The serious discussion that morning was about what more our little veterans' organization could become. WOW.....look at us now. From the initial reunion dinner at DB McMillans in Pax, we have really come far and done some good work. THANKS to all you fine TACAMO veterans who have supported this idea. It is an honor and pleasure to serve alongside you all.


Yesterday, a Herc Galley and wing pod were moved to Dan Burie’s Ranch for storage. In 2015, TACAMO members gathered to remove as many TACAMO related mission items from the past VQ-3 & VQ-4 Hercs at the boneyard in Tucson. Thanks to the efforts of Ramon Purcell of Boneyard Safari, the items were released to Mike Vos for transportation to OKC and Pax River. At that time the galley frame would not fit on the trailer, so it remained in the boneyard. Last April, Ramon was able to get the galley frame released to Mark Cochran. In June, Mark transported the frame to OKC to be reunited with the refrigerator and convection oven. Dennis “Coach” Warren, TCVA Director of Historic Preservation has bee

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