Jim Gallagher Announces His Retirement From TCVA Board of Directors

After 12 plus years, Jim Gallagher TCVA vice president will retire from his position on November 12, 2018 at the TACAMO Reunion Banquet in Charleston, SC. Jim first attended a TACAMO reunion in 2005 in Pax River at Solomon’s Island Recreation Center. Seeing old friends and shipmates, then meeting the Vos’s, Jim become active in the TACAMO Association (Former TSA - TACAMO Survivors Association). It didn’t take long before Jim was involved in the restructuring and eventually incorporating the new association which is now known as TCVA - TACAMO Community Veterans Association, a non-profit 501(c3) association. Jim had the following to share ,“So now, a new beginning for me, a new journey, the


Sponsored by TCVA Membership, Join Today. Click Here! WANTED: TACAMO’s First Ladies Stories TCVA is working on an article about TACAMO’s First Ladies. If you know of a TACAMO First Lady please post their name, position, year & story or email it to tacamocommunity@gmail.com First Female TACAMO Aviator Jane Skiles O’Dea VQ-4 in 1974 First Female Commanding Officer CO Training Squadron Training Squadron TWENTY-EIGHT 1995 Janeen Igou Clements (VQ3 - 1989) First Female TACAMO Commanding Officers Nora Tyson VQ-4 in April 1997 Sue Davies VQ-3 in July 1998

TACAMO Hall of Fame: "The Originals"

In 2012 TCVA, in concert with then Commodore Chocko Baker, established the TACAMO Hall of Fame. The concept was sound and as can be seen it was put 'into stone' then until the lawyers and Air Force got involved. Notice how well the stone has survived the Oklahoma weather under the loving care of the Wing staff. These stones are directly in front of the Herc's nose gear in Herc Park alongside the TACAMO Wing, NAS OKC. TCVA continues to maintain the Hall of Fame every year and feature all the inductees and their stories on our website, tacamo.org. On November 12, 2018 in Charleston SC, TCVA will present the 2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductees.

TACAMO Fallen Brother Dick Buckner

It is with much sadness TCVA reports the passing on one of TACAMO brothers, Dick Buckner. Funeral MAY 18. 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM @ Allnutt Funeral Service - Estes Park 1302 Graves AvenueEstes Park, CO, US, 80517 Memorial for Dick Buckner Another TACAMO Pioneer checks in at Flight Level Heaven. Dick Buckner served as a design engineer and radio systems ninja for nearly all of his adult life. He played key roles in the development and fielding of shore and airborne HF and VLF systems. Hercs and Mercs and E-4 are still flying his stuff and it ensures effective comms and strategic deterrence. Please SHARE any stories or praise for Dick and his work here to comfort his wife Sue McDuffie Buckner and

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