Commander Ed Preston the first CO of VQ-3, 50 years ago on July 1st

Sponsored by TCVA Membership, Join Today. Click Here! Commander Preston Was a Great Guy "Commander Ed Preston with those of us in VQ-3 who made 2nd and 3rd class on Guam in 1968." Jim Scheidel Commander Preston was a great guy, I remember him talking about wanting to roll one of our two EC130's, 151890 or 151891, of course he didn't, but we got a kick out of hearing him talk about it. "I wonder if the batteries would cause a problem." he would say. Permission to share granted by Jim Scheidel TCVA thanks Jim for his contributions. If you have any new and exciting photos please share with TCVA, Join TCVA for the 50th Celebration Gathering at the active duty command

TACAMO Memorial Day 2018

"DEDICATED TO ALL WHO SERVED THE TACAMO MISSION" Another TACAMO Memorial Day is upon us, June 21st*. Time to reflect on our shipmates that have passed and appreciate their memory and fraternity. As we approach the forming of VQ-3 & VQ-4 on July 1st, let us recognize the first CO of VQ-3 in 1968, TACAMO sailor "Ironman One”, Ed Preston. Ed began as a "whitehat" and rose to the rank of Captain, then became the first of what would become a PMA. Everyone that knew Ed, appreciated him. The TACAMO shipmates that passed this year and in the past should be remembered in our own personal ways as we all recall the fond memories and excellent examples of fine leadership and mentors they meant to u

TACAMO Fallen Brother Curt Seltzer

It is with much sadness TCVA reports the passing on one of TACAMO brothers, Curtis Adams Seltzer Jr. (VQ-4) Tuesday, October 24th, 1944 - Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 Curt Seltzer Obituary LINK Curtis Adams Seltzer, Jr. 73 of Punta Gorda, FL passed away at his son’s home in Valley Lee, MD surrounded by his loving family and friends. Born October 21, 1944 in Northampton, PA to the late Curtis Adams Seltzer, Sr. and Mary Catherine Hewett. He married Ann Mae Hallman of October 30, 1965 in Slatington, PA. They were married for 39 years until her passing in 2004. He is survived by his loving wife, Sandy, his children, Curtis Adams Seltzer, III of Danielsville, PA, and Robert (Stacy) Seltzer of Va

TACAMO Veterans in the OKC Area

TACAMO VQ-3 & VQ-4 50th CELEBRATION 1968-2018 at NAS OKC on June 29th Cost: FREE OKC Area TACAMO Veterans This event is a chance to support the active duty TACAMO Sailors. Please click here if you plan to attend the in hangar event. Two reasons, help squadron planners get a good idea how much chow to plan for AND volunteers are needed to chat with today's Sailors around the displays they are setting up chronicling our history. Shout out the VQ-7 contract instructors, Gary Foster, John Keilty, Steve Jerrim, Paul Rosino, Ned Miller, James Meppelink, Red Summerday, Mark Herkert, Dan Seezholtz, Tim Pedersen, Dennis J. Warren, FST TACAMO vets, WIng TACAMO vets like Terry Frank, come on out and l

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