Fallen TACAMO Veteran - Homer Lynn "Gary" Baird Sr. VQ-4

JULY 15, 1937 – October 6, 2018 Jay Jay Caruso's announcement: My long time friend and fellow VQ-4 shipmate Gary Baird passed away. I got a phone call from his wife Rose this morning. He will be greatly missed. Prayers for the family. He was one great caring person. RIP shipmate. Here is a tribute to Gary by Jay Jay Homer Gary Lynn Baird AKCS USN Retired I first met Gary in VQ-4 in 1968. He was our Supply Chief and the one to go to get spare parts for the C-130 TACAMO birds. No matter what we needed he would find a way to get it. He was a Logistics Wizard on locating anything. We made several flights together to beg, borrow or steal parts that we couldn't get elsewhere. We both got transferr

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