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TACAMO shipmates, search to connect with shipmates and/or family members.
TCVA has two features to help reconnect:
  • TCVA will help with your search, see RECONNECT.
  • SEARCH & CONNECT - List who members are searching for
TCVA is looking for information on the following:
  • Gary Waters

  • Ron Botich

  • Chief Hanlon

  • Chief Whalen

  • Members of Crew 10 from 1986 - 89

  • Nancy Fitzgerald

  • Skipper John Shay

  • LCDR Gary Gray 

  • LT PJ Murphy

  • General Ensley (Information)

  • Fred Niklaus (Information) Bob Misko 1980s VQ-3 RM1/RMC

  • Chris Conner 1980s VQ-3 RM1

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With all the milestones and career changes and moving to different cities, it can creep up on you that someone who was once there every day is someone you have not heard from in years.  Add your request to find a TACAMO shipmates and/or family members by submitting your request.
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