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TACAMO Heritage Center

The theme for the 2012 reunion was all about the inauguration of the TACAMO Hall of Fame. It was also his desire and project to build a TACAMO Heritage Collection. Creating a place to house the Hall of Fame, the archives and memorabilia of the 50 years (and counting) of TACAMO would be the goal.

This dovetails perfectly with our mission as an "alumni association". We have had many of our members share the desire and enthusiasm in this effort and plan to make it part of our association's mission and our charitable contribution. We hope that our membership also shares this enthusiasm.

Today we have honored ____ TACAMO Sailors into the TACAMO Hall of Fame. And projected for next year, our first display of artifacts in the newly built Patuxent River Naval Air Museum will be completed. Where we TACAMO sailors can see and share our "Glory Days" with friends and families. For some it will be a view of what is the legacy they follow in, for others it will be a trip in the "Way Back Machine" to a time when we shared our youth with what now have become long friends.

We will continue to follow an incremental approach to work with museums like the Naval Aviation museum to acquire space that can be used to furnished to display and rotate artifacts donated by our membership and affiliates.

This agenda and will require both money and manpower to realize this "Dream". We propose to finance it in a variety of ways, to include:

• Direct "tax deductible" money contributions (see below)

• Other, yet defined "fund raisers"

We invite you to contribute money to the TACAMO Heritage Collection and help us make this dream become a reality. By so doing, you will be empowering the Hall of Fame and the TACAMO Heritage Collection to preserve the history and legacy of the TACAMO mission.

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