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NEW Dates for 2020 TACAMO Reunion

Update Your Calendars

2021 “May 28 - June 2” 2021

TCVA's Board of Directors met last week and we decided to postpone until May 2021. We have no confidence in the airline or hotel industry for 2020. Let's make it a safe and fun reunion as we have done in the past.

Hotel Reservations

If you have reservation with the Hyatt, please reach out to them and re-book for 2021.

If you have reservation with the Fairfield Pax River, the GM has sent you an email regarding the change and has re-booked you for 2021.

Thank you for understanding, see you in 2021!!!

TACAMO Community Board of Directors, >>Vern Lochausen, President (Hall of Fame Inductee) >>Dennis "Coach" Warren, Vice President >>Mike Vos, Executive Director >>Joe Caruso, Treasurer (Hall of Fame Inductee) >>Cheryl Vos, Executive Admin & Reunion Planner


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