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TCVA is Moving the TACAMO Reunion to 2022

Greetings TACAMO Family,

TCVA Board of Directors would like your input on the next TACAMO Reunion.

As we all are dealing with getting the Covid19 vaccine and staying healthy in 2021, TCVA would like your input on attending the TACAMO Reunion in 2022. The hospitality industry has instituted safety precautions but are not at the new normal yet. Some amenities NOT available at hotels are cleaning of rooms during your stay, valet parking, and room porter to take luggage to rooms. Coffee Makers/Microwaves/mini-frigs have been removed from the rooms and are available upon request. As for Transportation via airlines, they are providing safety precautions but we are all still at risk.

Why 2022?

In 2022, TCVA will celebrate its 25th anniversary as an association. So why not hold it at the place it was founded, in Pax River! TCVA will also be holding the the dedication of the TACAMO Gallery in the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum.

TCVA would like to hold a safe and healthy reunion.

Below the Tentative Schedule is a link to a survey. TCVA is interested in you feedback.


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