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Successful planned:

  • 1997 - TSA (Tacamo Survivors Association) was established as a non-profit.  Gatherings were held every other year. 

  • 2012 - Name changed from TSA (Tacamo Survivors Association) to TCVA (TACAMO Community Veterans Association) & new officers volunteered  

  • 2012 - Established the TACAMO Hall of Fame, awards are presented every year at the reunion

  • 2013 Reunion - Seattle reunion united TACAMO and Boeing members who worked on the E6.

  • 2015 - TACAMOPAC Crew 4 Families Gathering at VQ-3 Command

  • 2015 - Boneyard Safari Gathering to remove and collect TACAMO Herc plane parts

  • Reunions - Destination reunions celebrating TACAMO History

  • Community-building activities facilitated:

    • Crew 4 Quest - Connecting with TACAMOPAC Crew 4 family and friends and recognition to TACAMOPAC Crew 4 with memorials and ceremony

    • NAS Oklahoma Reunions - 2012 & 2017 reunions building relationships with TACAMO active duty members

    • Boneyard Safari Gathering assisted with TCVA with obtaining to TACAMO Herc plane parts and produced the TACAMOPAC Crew 4 Memorial Ceremony at The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and continues to assist TCVA

    • TCVA assisted with the fundraiser for a plaque to recognize Dave Dick for his extraordinary accomplishments in support of the TACAMO and E-6 Airborne Command Post missions.

    • TACAMO Vets Assist to Find Manuals for Tacamo-III PA, S/N005, which is now back up and working great!

    • VQ-3 History Board - TCVA Ribbon Cutting for the FIRST Museum Display at Naval Air Museum Barbers Point

    • Recognition to Personnel Support Detachment now Customer Support Detachment (CSD), Established 25 years ago

    • Recognition to the Founding Members of TACAMO Survivors Association

    • LinkedIn, connecting former TACAMO veterans and retirees with active duty job seekers

  • 2016 

    • TACAMO Fallen Memorial Stone placed in The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

    • Rolled out the NEW TCVA website in 2016

  • 2017

    • Trailing Wire Newsletter changed to paperless distribution and add a blog for news alerts

    • TACAMOPAC VQ-3 Crew 4 ceremony celebrating the life of Crew 4 members 

    • TACAMO Reunion NAS OKC with active duty commands

      • TACAMOPAC VQ-3 Crew 4 ceremony presented at reunion to Crew 4 families

  • 2019

    • Historic documents and presentation are now viewable on the website​


Projects Completed & ongoing:

  • TACAMO Artifacts - Collecting and cataloging items from members

  • Heritage Center - Research and Contact museums to place TACAMO Displays



TCVA Future Projects, Events & Community-Building Activities:

  • Annual future Reunion destinations: 2021 DC/PAX River Reunion

  • Heritage Center Projects:

    • 891 Display in Pensacola at the National Naval Aviation Museum

    • Pax River Museum Display

    • Seek out other museums to put TACAMO Displays

    • Storage of TACAMO Artifacts (Long term storage)

    • Collecting TACAMO Artifacts

    • Experience Grant Writer Needed

    • Membership Dues - Organizations with membership programs are able to accomplish much more with the help of their members’ contributions.

    • TACAMO Members Cookbook benefits Heritage Center Projects

    • Volunteer opportunities that have impacted the community where the reunion being held.

    • Social Media Assistant to promote TCVA on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest

    • Volunteer to building a database of all TACAMO members and their squadron & years

    • TACAMO Timeline 

    • Trivia Facebook Post - Throwback Thursday, WWW: Way back Wednesday, etc 



1997- Paxtuxent River, MD -  Picnics Only. Out of towners shared Cabins at Solomns Rec Center

2000- Paxtuxent River, MD -  Picnics Only. Out of towners shared Cabins at Solomns Rec Center

2010 September- Millington, TN 

2011 - Paxtuxent River, MD 

2012 Oklahoma City, OK - Joint Reunion with active duty

2013Seattle, WA - Joint reunion with Boeing E6 program workers

2014- Marrietta GA - Joint reunion with Lockheed The days of the Herc

2015 (Crew 4 Memorial Service) Oklahoma City - Ribbon cutting of Crew 4 Hall Way of remembrance

2015 (Deployment/Mini Reunion) - Destin, FL 

2015 (Deployment/Mini Reunion)Tucson, AZ - Boneyard Safari visit to TACAMO Hercs

2016- Honolulu, HI - Hale Koa 

2017- Oklahoma City –  Joint Reunion with active duty

2018- Charleston SC -  TCVA VP retirement & Veterans Day Remembrance Ceremony

2019  mini-Reunion - Pensacola  -  Presentations for 891 and Ron Carlson (Special gathering

2020 Moved to 2021 Due to COVID-19 - Dulles, VA & Lexington Park, MD  

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