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The purpose of the TCVA is to provide fraternal, social and recreational activities for the members and guests and encourage and support the preservation of the history of TACAMO.



The TCVA Board of Directors and Staff welcome you to our community's website.  Our membership is open to anyone that has ever been involved with the TACAMO mission.  Be you a current, former, retired, industry partner, spouse, family or merely an enthusiast, we welcome your participation.


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E-6B Security Classification Guide- 2010


OPNAVINST 5513.6D, ID Number 06-53.2

Basic provisions include the follow as classified information to be protected:

    1    Current operational procedures, detailed mission descriptions, vulnerabilities, and force readiness.

    2    Interoperating procedures, such as networks, as well as end to end system architectures.

    3    Mission systems capabilities

    4    Location of mission tasked aircraft and intended destinations

    5    Exercise dates and locations

    6    Crisis operational procedures


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