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Mission Statement

The purpose of the TCVA is to provide fraternal, social and recreational activities for the members and guests and encourage and support the preservation of the history of TACAMO.



The TCVA Board of Directors and Staff welcome you to our community's website.  Our membership is open to anyone that has ever been involved with the TACAMO mission.  Be you a current, former, retired, industry partner, spouse, family or merely an enthusiast, we welcome your participation.

We have three levels of membership.

    1. Casual (default) - There are no annual dues.
      You will receive ALL communications (if subscribed to emailing list).

    2. Active - Affordable annual dues (currently $20/yr). 'Click to join  With the distinction of financially supporting TCVA.

    3. Life - This is a "grandfathered" status from the TSA as well as an honorary status given from time to time to Active Members who have made notable contributions to the TCVA.  Full Active privileges are given without any dues, for life.


Regardless of your choice of membership, we welcome everyone to participate in our events, reunions and Social Media outlets and invite your contributions to our community.


TCVA Privacy & Publication Policy

  • TCVA's privacy policy is simple.

  • Whatever is published on this website should be considered "public domain" and freely available for use by anyone.

  • The TCVA is in no way responsible for any content published by anyone except that of it's Board of Directors and Staff.

  • That said, the TCVA will NOT sell or share any of the content or personal information submitted by our membership to anyone.

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