Why Stay at the Official Reunon Hotel?

The official TCVA reunion hotel is the center of the reunion activities. It provides opportunities for socializing with other attendees and it makes it easy to return to your room, that’s obvious. But there are other reasons that you need to consider before you look at another hotel.


In return for the use of the hotel’s gathering facilities,  TCVA guarantees the hotel that a certain percentage of attendees will stay in that hotel. The hotel discounts the rate for attendees from their normal charges. Other amenities are also obtained for those staying at the reunion hotel.


If TCVA does not meet the contracted sleeping room commitment, the hotel reduces the concessions for the TCVA reunion. It also makes it difficult to plan the next reunion if TCVA cannot negotiate a beneficial hotel contract. In both cases the registration fee is then under pressure to increase unreasonably.


What if we don't contract for sleeping rooms? Attendees will pay more to stay at the reunion hotel. The reunion will incur additional expenses for meeting room rental fees, which can be quite costly. The hotel will not hold a block of rooms for attendees, which may leave some people quite a distance from the reunion venue. In short, the reunion ends up with higher expenses; many of those attending will pay a higher price for their hotel rooms, future reunion registration fees will be pushed higher.


Please support the reunion and TCVA by staying at the reunion hotel.



  • Government Rate - government room rate does NOT count for TCVA contracted sleeping rooms. Please use the line in the hotel tab to book your room or call the hotel and ask for the TACAMO room rate. 

  • On occasion, one of the internet providers such as Orbitz or Kayak will offer a few rooms in their inventory at a lower price than the reunion is offering. There are often restrictions and penalties associated with these rates. If you somehow obtain a better rate than the one offered by the reunion, your stay will still be counted toward our required room count.