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EC-130G BuNo 151891

 Recognition as a TACAMO Plane

A U.S. Navy Lockheed EC-130G Hercules (BUNO 151891) was initially assigned to VR-21 Det TACAMO in Barbers Point, HI. It was used for the "trash Hauling" mission until the TACAMO II Vans were produced and shipped to them nearly a year later. After that on 01 Jan 1966 VR-21 Det TACAMO was transferred to VW-1 on Guam. Before this in 1964, Ron Carlson and crew flew around the world in their EC-130G, 151891. It made an around the world trip, roughly at the equator, and carried Artic survival gear on board anticipating an over the pole leg from France to Alaska. Never took place due to lack of navigation equipment and qualified personnel. 


On the Flight Line at Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum there is a Blue Angels C-130, it is also a really famous TACAMO bird that was given to the Blues after the E-6 came along. It flew around the world in late '64 before it got its TACAMO mission suite installed. It was also the prototype for many of the TACAMO mods that upgraded the EC-130s.


TCVA's goal is to get a TACAMO display telling everyone the entire story of 151891.

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Ron Carlson 

flying 891 in a JATO Takeoff. 

Tail Letters:

TE=VW-1 RZ=VR-21 TC=VQ-3 

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