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Amendment 1.24.2023      Accepted on 1/24/2023


TCVA Presidential Term Amendment


The President of TCVA will accept the responsibilities of President for a term of two (2) years from the date of his/her ascension from Executive VP or appointment by unanimous consent of the BoD.  If desired, the President may remain for subsequent terms, with BoD unanimous consent.


TCVA Presidential Succession Amendment


The TCVA BoD requests a 60 day notice before the end of the presidential term or in the event of the President leaving his/her position before the end of the term.  The Executive Vice President will “fleet up” upon the President’s announced departure date.  The following process will be engaged to determine a successor to the Executive Vice President.


  • The BoD will compile a list of possible Executive Vice President candidates and rank them.

  • The President, Executive VP and Executive Director will query the candidates desire for that position and its potential to “fleet up” to President if/when required.

  • This process will continue through the ranked candidates until an interested party emerges.

  • The interested candidate will be presented and asked to answer, in writing, several questions that will indicate to the entire Board of Directors their vision of where they see the Association moving forward.

    • Are you willing and able to attend and preside over regular BoD meetings?

    • Are you willing and able to attend and be Master of Ceremonies at all/most official TCVA events?

    • What new projects, if any, do you want to pursue in your term?

    • How do you visualize TCVA five years from now?

    • How can you help us get there?

  • Upon review of the candidate’s interview questions, the BoD will determine the candidate’s acceptability and vote to accept by unanimous consent.

  • If unanimous consent is not reached, the search continues until an acceptable candidate is found.


TCVA Board Member Selection Amendment


  • If a Board member resigns, is removed by the BoD or has an unexpected departure, the rest of the Board will search expeditiously for a replacement to sustain a quorum.

  • To fill a vacancy on the BoD, the remaining board members will create a list of potential acceptable candidates and rank them, by unanimous consent.

  • The President and Executive Director will approach the candidate to query his/her interest, in the order of their ranking.

  • New Board members will be accepted by unanimous consent of the rest of the Board.

  • The Executive Director will be chosen from and by the Board of Directors with unanimous consent.

Amendment 4.24.2023

Accepted on

  • Active-Duty Representative
    1. The TCVA BoD shall include an “Active-Duty Representative (ADR),” an ex officio position, to act
    as a “deckplate” counselor to the TCVA BoD
    2. The ADR will be selected by the TCVA BoD, with unanimous consent, from interested active-duty
    TACAMO sailors who have his/her Commanding Officer’s and the Wing Commander’s

    3. The ADR will be invited to attend regular BoD meetings and may request meeting agenda items.
    4. The ADR will not have BoD voting rights, but his/her input shall be considered.
    5. The BoD reserves the right to exclude the ADR from BoD meetings when deemed appropriate.
    6. The ADR’s term is at the will of the TCVA BoD and the needs of the Navy.

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