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Board of Directors Meetings

3rd Monday of the Month

Blue Skies


  • Scholarship Applications Accepted

  • Scholarship Applications Closed

  • TCVA President contacts potential Hall of Fame Selection Committee members

  • Hall of Fame Selection Committee members finalized

  • Scholarship Awardees Selected

  • Hall of Fame 2024 nominations available for  BOD review

  • Hall of Fame approval of nominations due from BOD

  • Hall of Fame email selection committee

    • Selection grading form

    • BOD approved nominations

    • Date forms are due back.

  • Hall of Fame selection committee results due to TCVA BOD

  • Scholarship Announcements

  • Hall of Fame draft Hall of Fame slides available for review.

  • Final Hall of Fame approval as part of monthly BOD meeting

  • Hall of Fame Announcement

  • TACAMO Memorial Day

         On this day TCVA remembers all TACAMO 

         Fallen and TACAMOPAC Crew 4

         Link to TACAMOPAC Crew4 Page

  • Navy Birthday

  • Veterans Day

  • Hall of Fame Deadline for next year

  • Hall of Fame Awards presentation at next reunion

TACAMO Reunion Dates

Marietta GA -  Sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Hawaii (June 16 to 23)
50 Year Memorial Remembrance

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