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Still Flying??

Who's Still Flying?

  • TACAMO pilots past & present

  • TACAMO FEs that are airline pilots

  • TACAMO Retirees flying their own planes


  • Mike Davidson who is still flying Hercs

  • Coach Dennise Warren flies for Southwest

  • Michael A. Dudzinski Retired 1998, retired from a major airline (ABX Air), and have been flying with the US Marshals, “ConAir” out of OKC for 11 years on 737’s.

  • Gilbert Pierce ATCS retired. VR1 Tacamo and VQ4 plank owner.  Flying my Private airplane weekly weather permitting.

  • Mark Thomann VQ-4 2007-2010 Navy C40A at VR-51, Kaneohe Bay, HI American Airlines, A320 DFW

  • NFOs Mark Gragg flying the line at Frontier, Gary Samaria and perhaps Terry Frank flying Private

  • Sean Owens VQ-4, 1994-1998. Now: Cathay Pacific Airways, 2001-Present, Boeing 747, Training Captain, based in Chicago, live in Spokane, Washington.

  • Chester Adamson Tacamo 1963-1966 Still flying Lear 24D and own

  • Bob Kruse here, VQ-4 at Pax River from 1980 to 1983. Started withNorthwest Airlines in January of 1985. I’m starting my 36th year with Northwest / Delta this month

  • Randy Mahoney, American Airlines, flying the Airbus A-330 International. I’m also a rotorhead, own and fly a Bell JetRanger 206B-3 helo

  • Randall M Haney Building his own plane Becky (Pritchett) Condon is flying for Delta. Tim Bishop NFO, not flying but works for Sun Country.

  • Greg Frisk U20 yrs USN/USNR. 28 yrs American Airlines


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