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TACAMO Scholarships
Mission Statement:  The TACAMO Community Veterans Association (TCVA) will award annual scholarships to students in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) related curriculum or technical certification (example: HVAC, Automotive Technician, Sous Chef, etc.).
Eligibility:  Applicants may apply for this award by submitting an application through the website.
● The applicant may be either an Enlisted Active Duty Sailor under the command of STRATCOMMWING 1, or a child, stepchild or grandchild of an Active (in good standing with annual dues) TCVA member.
● The applicant must be accepted and enrolled in an accredited school of choice. See for colleges and universities, or for trade schools.
● The applicant must agree to an interview by the Selection Committee, either in person or virtually.
● Selection will be based on previous scholastic performance and strong character that reflects positively on the scholarship.
● Selection will NOT be influenced by the applicant’s race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religious beliefs.
● Other criteria may be included as deemed necessary by the TCVA BoD and Selection Committee.  Changes in criteria will be published on the TCVA website and take effect at the next term of the Scholarship Committee.
Ineligibility:  Anyone related to a person in the selection process, whether by marriage/significant other or parent/stepparent is ineligible for this scholarship program.
Selection Committee:  The Selection Committee will consist of no less than three members recruited by the TCVA BoD to serve one-year terms, beginning on January 1st of that year. 
● The Selection Committee will be chaired by a member of the TCVA BoD.
● The Selection Committee will verify the applicant’s school choice and its accreditation.
● Selection Committee members may opt-out at the end of their term (December 31) or continue at the discretion of the TCVA BoD.
● Retirement from the committee, during a term, should come with a 30-day notice to the TCVA BoD.
● Removal from the Selection Committee, during a term, may occur with a majority vote of the TCVA BoD, for reasons of inappropriate behavior as determined by the TCVA BoD.
Awards and amounts:  The number of annual awards and their amounts will be determined by the TCVA BoD at its annual meeting, based on the value of the Scholarship Fund.  Awards are limited to one per individual.  Different scholarships can be focused on different types of education or certification.  Example:  A general scholarship for students in a two-year Associate's degree program and a grant program to achieve certification in a skill, such as ASE or HVAC licensing.
Sponsored Awards:  Awards in the name of a sponsor, such as the “Jane Doe Scholarship Award” must come with a donation from the sponsor of at least two years’ support of that award.
● The sponsor will determine the number and amount of the annual award(s). (No less than the established TCVA awards)
● The recipient of that award cannot be related to the sponsor of the award.
● Corporate donations to a scholarship fund will be recognized as “Co-Sponsored by XYZ Corp”.
Scholarship Fund:  A separate bank account will be established for the exclusive use of the Scholarship Program.  Any/all deposits to that account are welcome.  Any/all withdrawals are granted only by vote of the TCVA BoD.  100% of all deposits are to be dispensed to awardees.
● This account will be managed by the TCVA Treasurer and Admin VP and reported to the TCVA BoD at their occasional meetings.
● Funds for the Scholarship Fund will be raised by TCVA through fund raisers and direct solicitation.
● Donors to the Scholarship Fund will be advised of the tax-deductible status of their donation and given our EIN, for tax purposes.
Dissolution:  In the event of TCVA dissolution, the Scholarship Fund will go to Navy & Marine Corps Relief.
● Unused “named” Scholarship Funds will be returned to the sponsor.
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