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TACAMO Hall of Fame

The TACAMO Hall of Fame was instituted in 2012.  It was long overdue to recognize outstanding and enduring people that helped to develop, execute and sustain the TACAMO mission.   TCVA categories of TACAMO Sailor, Industry Partner, Government Support, Posthumous, or Community Service. 

Nominations can be Submitted Year Round  

Presentation of TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductees will be held at the Reunion banquet.  When there is no Reunion, HOF Inductees are announced November 11th of that year.  Awards will be presented at the next Reunion.

Criteria for Induction

Guidelines for TCVA Hall of Fame induction:

  • Minimum 2 tours in TACAMO

  • Contributed to the mission/aircraft/morale/good reputation of TACAMO

  • Technical/professional/personal leadership - a mentor

  • Performed task or event that shaped the TACAMO mission

  • Community service

  • Generally recognized as deserving of this award


  • TACAMO Sailor 

  • Industry Partner

  • Government Support

  • Posthumous

  • Community Service


Downloadable Form

 Hall of Fame Inductees 

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