Hall of Fame   

The TACAMO Hall of Fame was instituted in 2012.  It was long overdue to recognize outstanding and enduring people that helped to develop, execute and sustain the TACAMO mission.  
The TACAMO Hall of Fame Class of 2012 is rather large and was meant to play "catch-up" for many years of unsung service.  In 2013, TCVA set specific criteria for selection for the Hall of Fame.  In 2017 TCVA adopted the number of inductees. TCVA selects 5 to 6 Inductees per year in the categories of TACAMO Sailor, Industry Partner, Government Support, Posthumous, or Community Service. (Adopted number of inductees 4/23/2017)

Nominations can be Submitted Year Round  

Presentation of TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductees will be held at the Reunion banquet.  When there is a mini-Reunion, HOF Inductees will be announced November 11th of that year.  Awards will be present at the next Reunion.

Criteria for Induction

Guidelines for TCVA Hall of Fame induction:

  • Minimum 2 tours in TACAMO

  • Contributed to the mission/aircraft/morale/good reputation of TACAMO

  • Technical/professional/personal leadership - a mentor

  • Performed task or event that shaped the TACAMO mission

  • Community service

  • Generally recognized as deserving of this award


  • TACAMO Sailor 

  • Industry Partner

  • Government Support

  • Posthumous

  • Community Service


 TACAMO Hall of Fame Form 

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Hall of Fame Inductees

VQ3 Crew 4 - 2012

Walt Reese - 2012

Flew the very first VLF airborne transmitter flights in 1962- how we get to 50 years of OPS. Repaired and modified an EC-121 Super Connie to do this work at NAS Johnsville (Warminster)
Had the first orbit, first moving block of airspace, first wire icing and loss, first carrier battle group interference.
Later CO of NAS Johnsville, PA.
NJROTC commander at Milton HS (mentor to young LT Vern Lochausen an MHS alum)
Regional Director of Navy League
Ron Carlson - 2012

About 8 years of dedicated service
First Navy C-130 Herc pilot
Delivered first VQ-3 Hercs from the factory in the 60s
Flew a Herc (151891) around the world
First VQ-3 pre-comm Det Officer in Charge
The AC who few the Guam JATO takeoff in the famous picture
First TACAMO Requirements Officer in the Pentagon- defender of TACAMO IVB funding
Answered CNO Admiral Zumwalt's Z gram- "Why can't TACAMO talk HF TTY to SAC ABNCP?"
Ed's PMA picture

About 15 years of dedicated service
One of first super JO's to be assigned to VQ-4 in its infancy
First Pilot to lose a TACAMO IVB drogue and wire in orbit flight tests
Crew Certification leader for all VQ-4 TACAMO IVB crews
First TACAMO Chief Engineer/Class Desk at NAVAIR
VQ-4 MO, XO, and CO
E-6 RFP to PDR
First TACAMO NAVAIR program manager
Delivered most of the aircraft
46.1 hours of E-6 stick time and 1 AR
Andy Riddile - 2012

About 15 years of dedicated service
Early VQ-3 JO in Guam days
VQ-4 Commo and MO, XO, and CO
E-4 NEACP and two White House leadership roles
First TACAMO Commodore
Millard Battles - 2012
Industry Partner

About 5 years of dedicated service Second-E-6 Program Manager at Boeing, put in place to help the Navy and Boeing work better.
Led that team through tough times of flight test, integration and delivery of all 16 birds.
Lost two E-6 tails in the tests and bought Ernie Lewis a race horse as a result of one lost tail.
Visionary leader with the very strong will to make the E-6 work for the Community.
Frank Baker Jr. - 2012
Industry Partner

Frank was a super Lockheed Hercules Tech Rep
He served the squadrons on site in the start up periods of VQ-3 in Guam first and VQ-4 at Pax River later
Frank was THE Herc expert and worked as hard as any Skipper or Sailor
He taught many of us how to operate and maintain a Herc.
Jack McKenzie - 2012
Industry Partner

38 years of dedicated service
1969-1975 VQ-4 Avionics Tech who taught the TACAMO IVB system to many of us.
Collins Radio 1975- to 2007- TACAMO, Astarte, and ABNCP - Always on call to help the squadrons with issue and parts.
If you are Old TACAMO or E-6B New TACAMO you know Jack McKenzie or have benefitted from his work or operated gear he has installed.
Bill "Horse" Harsanyi - 2012

He started out in a in VQ squadron in combat zones in VietNam, service that later cost him his health and life
He was a respected and well loved VQ-3 and VQ-4 crew leader and department head
later commanding VQ-3 in the early days of its return to continuous airborne operations, flying out of Barbers Point
"Horse" was later the CO of a NAVCOMSTA
He was a friend of every TACAMO Sailor and mentor to all who aspired to lead.
Gareth Reitz - 2012

Gareth was a super JO, E-6 IP, and an inspirational leader who was destined to become a squadron commander. He worked hard to get to Test Pilot School and there made his mark of excellence.
John Kilroy - 2012

Wing Master Chief
Former maintenance master chief
Flight engineer detailer
Flight engineer instructor
Later in life the wing manpower officer and expert on staffing and later still a manpower consultant to the Wing and the community.
Shane Mansour - 2012

Shane was a stellar Antarctic Squadron (VXE-6) Herc flight engineer
When he became a US citizen he came to TACAMO as a Herc FE.
Then he became a stellar Merc FE and FE instructor
After he retired, Shane was a Boeing E-6 tech rep here in OK and was great mentor to many a Sailor.

He was a pioneer Reel Operator in TACAMO III and IVB
NATOPS Reel Instructor, shop chief, instrumental in reel systems tech pubs and trainers
Finished his career as the Master Chief Petty Officer in Charge of the E-6 Maintenance Training Detachment Huntsville, AL during the entire transition.
He was there running the entire show because the trainers were built there and stayed there until the Tinker facilities were ready.
Dave Buck - 2012

Dave was an expert on the TACAMO IVB high power VLF transmitter system. He was a mentor to many an Inflight Tech and ACO, learning the system and how to operate it.
Don Lindeman - 2013

Service - Plankowner in VQ-4, served in VQ-3, and VQ-4 in 80s
Contributions -Helped develop earliest versions of TACAMO systems
Crew leading In-Flight Technician in pre-comm/VQ-4
Leading Shop Chief
Mentor to many current tech leads
TSA and TCVA active projects leader
Lead in finding Crew 4 families
Reunion crafter and supporter
Leadership-Tech teams, shop, training, mentor, and TSA/TCVA
Community Service-Unparalledcontributions to quality maintenance in both squadrons.
Gary Breeden - 2013

Herc FE in VQ-4 & Force Warfare
AWACS FE for E6 transition
Member of the "Pep Boys"
Flight Test FE for Boeing for E6
Donnie Woods - 2013

VR-1 in 1966
VQ-4 Plankowner
ASW Test Directorate wirh TACAMO Herc 151891
Both a Reel Operator and Herc Flight Engineer
Boeing in '87 as E-6 course writer and instructor
Became one of the most reconized Reliability/Maintainability designers for both commercial and military aircraft.
Paul Collins - 2013
Industry Partner

Boeing E-6 Avionics Manager during full scale development
Chief Engineer '90-'92, during Herc-Merc transition
Solved tail flutter problem after 2 vertical stabilizers were damaged during test flights.
Ross "Rossie" Coleman - 2013

ADCS Rossie Coleman was perhaps the worlds most experienced C-130 Flight Engineer. He accumulated over 10,000 hours while in VQ-4, another 10,000 while at Lockheed, and unofficially is believed to have amassed a total of 39,550 total hours in the air, in a C-130. That's 1648 days, or 55 months, over 4 and a half years. Amazing!!
These statistics are reflective of his dedication to his craft.
Barry Coyle - 2014

Service - VQ-3 in late 60s, VQ-4 in mid-70s, VQ-3 -80s
Contributions - Upgraded Safety/NATOPS program -VQ-4
Directed crew prep and start of 100% airborne -VQ-3
Guided execution and refinement of 100% -CO –VQ-3
Led Site Survey Team for E-6 basing
Led E-6 analysis and selection team in OPNAV
Creator of TACAMO Wing concept/strategic basing for SECNAV
Led all Naval Aviation Technical Training-NTTC Memphi
Leadership-VADM Jim Stockdale Leadership Award.
Jim Meppelink - 2014

Service-VQ-4 late 70s, VQ-3 in mid 80s, VQ-4 in early 90s
PMA Rep at Rockwell Collins late 80s
Rockwell Collins Tech rep mid 90s through present
Crew leading In-Flight Technician in early VQ-4 100%
Leading Shop Chief
Directed CommSuite cross decks from Hercsto Mercs
Squadron Maintenance Master Chief in one of most difficult VQ-4 periods
Developed requirements for the wartime S3 Kits.
Joe Caruso - 2014

Service-VQ-3 plankownerand VQ-4 in 70s/80s
PMA 1980s through 2014. Total of 45 years.
Contributions - Crew leading In-Flight Technician during 70s/80s
Mentor and trainer of Mission Crews
Leading Avionics Division Chief
Technical expert for TACAMO Upgrade programs
Led plan for cross deck of commsuites from Hercto Merc
Herc and Merc mod schedule planner
PMA’s lead program planner-schedules and financial-all mods since HPTS.
Wallace "Wally" Goss - 2014

Service - Plankownerin VQ-3
Flight Crew lead in developing TACAMO II and III
Technical expert at NTTC
TCVA Reunion and Historian supporter since it began
Helped develop earliest versions of TACAMO Mission Avionics
Crew leading In-Flight Technician in pre-command early VQ-3
Leading Shop Chief
Directed development of relevant Chief Petty Officers’ Exams
Technical expert advisor to NTTC CO.
Mickey DiPasquo - 2014
Government Support

Service - Naval Air Development Center
PMA-271 and L-3 Communications 1982-1994
Contributions - Led tech team evaluating new VLF and navigation systems
Led NADC lab teams during late Hercand early Mercperiods
Led Navy E-6 development programs in PMA
Design and engineering lead for EC-135 to Merccrossdeck
Crafted E-6A to B mod program that made it work
Pioneering single site, multi-contractor mods concept.
P. A. Moore - 2014

Service-VQ-3 early 70s, VQ-3 mid-80s, VQ-4 early 90s
Contributions - Brought EP-3/S-3 execution thrust to TACAMO-VQ-3
Directed crew support and buildup in VQ-3 100% ops
Led upgrades in tactics/crew performance in VQ-3
Led transition from Hercsto E-6 Mercury in VQ-4
Strongest leader advocate for disassociated sea duty
Led Naval CommsArea Master Station as CO
Leadership-CO VQ-4 in most challenging period since 1970s.
Bill Coyne -2015

"CAPT Bill Coyne"
Pioneering CO of VQ-4 who crafted the tactics and structures that empowered the TACAMO community
standup to 100% airborne coverage. Later Bill convinced the Navy to fence TACAMO funds while serving as Atlantic Forces Comptroller and
has served TCVA with pro-bono legal advice.
Neil Carbery - 2015

"RMCS Neil Carbery"
ACS instructor and mentor to hundreds of Radiomen and ACOs
in both squadrons and pioneer of TACAMO III to IV and IV to TIP I and II transitions. As first a contractor and later government employee, Neil was part of the Newport, RI based Naval Undersea
Warfare Center team that developed/tested/installed the
communications systems for SEAWOLF and TRIDENT submarines. They frequently copied and ensured that YES, TACAMO was 5 by 5.
Jerry Summerday - 2015

Reel Operator Instructor from TACAMO III to HPTS, NAVAIR tester of TIP I,II, and EMP mods, Astarte program instructor, Maintenance Master Chief, and current Rockwell Field Service Engineer directly serving the Fleet at NAS OKC. Jerry has become the "go to" guy in the community for Reel Systems, with 19 years post Navy service to the Fleet at the TACAMO Wing.
Lew McIntyre - 2015
Government Support

"CDR Lew McIntyre"
Early TACAMO III and IV ACO instructor who contributed most to the E-6A and B transitions as a contractor systems engineer, combining Fleet experience with hard engineering to solve the technical problems involved in advancing
communications technology. Lew was the NAVAIR E-6 Program Office Employee of the Quarter in 2015 for solving EUCOM ABNCP comms issues in the E-6B.
Stan Grant - 2015

"AMCS Stan Grant"
Reel Operator and Instructor Extraordinaire who mentored ROs from the 1970s thru his untimely passing in the 1990s. Stan taught the French to operate the TACAMO reel system they had in their Astarte C-160 aircraft.
Tom (TK) Klosterman - Posthumous
Mike Kemp
TACAMO Sailor and Industry Partner
Gene Grisby
TACAMO Sailor and Industry Partner
Steve Hickle
Mike Davidson
Jerry Greer
Industry Partner
Phil Miller
Industry Partner & TCVA supporter
Tony Gill
TACAMO Sailor & Industry Partner
William P. Bright
TACAMO Sailor, Contractor & Fleet Support Team Member
John “Irish Keilty
Norm Tindall
TACAMO Sailor, Wing Support & Boeing
Vern Lochausen
TACAMO Sailor, Industry Leader &
TACAMO Community Veterans Association President & Historian
Ed Preston
2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee
Mike Duvall
2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee
Curt Rosenbery
2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee
Paul Remington
2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee
Barry Kinley
2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee
Bill Depasquale
2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee
Jim Gallagher
2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee
Bill Okoniewski
2019 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee as TACAMO Sailor
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Roger Kilgore
2019 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee as a  TACAMO Contractor
Jay McCormick
2019 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee as
TACAMO Government Civilian & Posthumous
Jay Gallamore
2019 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee as
Deb Martin
2019 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee as
Dorsey Matin
2019 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee as
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Jim Gallagher

2018 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee

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