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TCVA Fallen Brother Cliff Greer

It is with much sadness TCVA reports the passing on one of TACAMO brothers, Cliff Greer.

The following is an email from Jack Bowers. Good morning fellow TACAMOites, I hope each of you had a great Veterans Day, and I want to thank each and every one of you for your service to our great Nation. It was an honor to serve with you. Yesterday, our local VFW held a Veterans Day ceremony to commemorate and thank all veterans for their service. They served coffee and donuts afterward and while I was standing there a young man came hobbling up to me on a cane and said, "Do you know me?" I said you look familiar, but you will have to help me with your name. "Ferrel Greer" I hadn't seen him since he lived on a farm near the base in Sugar Grove. He was one of a pack of kids Beverly and Cliff Greer had at Pax. Ferrel told me his dad, CWO Cliff Greer, after moving to our little local Navy base, NIOC Sugar Grove - think it was NSGA then, to be XO, he and his wife, Beverly separated and divorced. Beverly remarried locally and died of cancer a few years later. His dad, Cliff, had retired after his XO tour, stayed in the area for a couple of years, then moved south to Beckly, West Virginia where he worked for a couple of years, then returned to his home state of Texas and passed a couple years ago. You will remember Cliff, our jolly CMS Custodian who worked in the vault behind my office. I don't have an obituary, but will send it along if we are able to locate it.

Just wanted to let you know. Cliff was a good friend, and working in the vault, I spent a bit more time than most of you. He had been a RM prior to being promoted to WO1. I believe he was promoted to CWO2 there at Pax, not sure of his retirement rank. Ferrel was walking with a cane because his battle with testicular cancer and the surgery that resulted in his disability. Hoist your glasses for a passed shipmate, friends, to Cliff Greer. Respectfully, Jack


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