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Winter Wonderland...Reality?

Think about this…

It’s January you look out the window and see snow. It’s 20F outside, the snow needs to get shoveled before the ice falls tonight. You also think about the shopping you need to do before the ice storm comes. Oh now... you have to battle the last minute shoppers. Either way you need to put on layers of clothing to go outside. You better hurry because you have shorter daylight now, it’s not summer with long days.

Now it’s time to find your hat that will reward you with hat hair, warm thick sock to keep from frost bit and your nice gloves to keep you warm.



I won two round trip tickets on Southwest from TCVA raffle in August. I can escape old man winter and head to warmer temperatures or enjoy the snow on the ski slopes.

Now that’s what I call a winner!

*August 20th is only 2 days away and 90 raffle tickets left. If 150 is not sold by end of day on the 20th, the raffle will be extended.

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