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CPO Selectee Herc Park

Ryan Skaggs, TCVA Active Duty Representative and Jim Meppelink, TCVA VP Fleet Outreach attended the CPO Selectee clean-up and refurbishing of 151348 in Herc Park on Friday. Jim was on hand to gave tours while Ryan snapped a few pics that will likely elicit some tears.

Thank you John "Mom" Burgoon, TCVA Secretary for editing the photos.

TCVA enjoys working with TACAMO Active Duty!


Sep 24, 2023

Pictures bring back some great memories in Herks. Thanks to Jim and Ryan for "monitoring" the selectee activities. Congrats to the new chiefs.

Curtis Michel '78-'86


Sep 23, 2023

Remember the old girl. VQ4 NAS PAX (79 - 83) Ground Pounder, Vans, Bermuda Det. AT2 Dave Kitchen

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