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June 21st, “TACAMO Memorial Day”

On June 21, 1977, TACAMOPAC Crew 4 perished off of Wake Island. Sixteen fine men gave 'that last measure of devotion' to duty, honor and country. It coulda been any of us.

So many TACAMO sailors made takeoffs just like Broom 1-7 from runway 10 on Wake Island. Whether it was in the Azores, Bermuda, Kwajalein, Midway, Philippines, or a host of other locations, we all took that same risk for the protection of our country, culture, and way of life.

Today June 21st, and every day, we recognize our history, not only Crew 4's sacrifice, but the dedication the TACAMO community has shown over the past 45 years to the defense of our nation.

Please, take a minute or two to reflect on our shipmates and friends that have 'departed the flight-line' in the line-of-duty or otherwise. They made lasting impressions on all of us. When it is our turn to take our final flight, it is our hope that our mentors, protégés and shipmates remember us in the same way.

We thank all of you for your past and present service, the sacrifices that all have made and are making for these great United States of America, and for the contributions you make in this extended TACAMO family.

Safe travels and good health to all of those that have served or are still serving the TACAMO community.

It coulda been us ...

TCVA Board of Directors


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