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New Plane's Name??

PMA-271 and SCW-1 has opened the future TACAMO aircraft naming to the TACAMO Community (TCVA, SCW-1 and PMA-271 only).

We’re requesting naming submissions by 1 MAR for leadership consideration. More details are included on the attached flyer. It would be wonderful to get the thoughts and ideas from the association’s members.

Julie Copsey

Sr Communications & Multimedia Specialist

Airborne Command, Control and Communications program office (PMA-271)

 Link in the E-XX Naming Flyer Below

Use the QR code or link in the E-XX Naming Flyer below.

Submissions due 1 MAR 2024

E-XX Naming Flyer 1MAR
Download PDF • 326KB


Once a Herc always a Herc!

Feb 11
Replying to

Even Hercs have affectionate names.... ex. Fat Albert. I was thinking that something like "Shamu" could be a cool nickname for one of the birds.

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