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OKC TACAMO Celebrated Navy's 247th Birthday with Tribute to Buff

TACAMO remembers William "Buff" Crowell" as a TACAMO Warrior & Leader, Impacting Lives

From Irish (John Kielty)

The OKC Navy Ball was last night.

Thank you Commodore and Mike Kloiber of the Navy League.

What a great time. Perfect. Loved it. Way to go Master Chief Holland.

Chocko and I represented our past and we were so encouraged by our present and future. Out in the audience was a table of 8 Sailors having a great time. Compliments of "Mongo” George Davis in memory of Buff. On the table were tributes to Buff. "Way to go Mongo and Master Chief Holland.”

Buff's memory filled the air. It reminded me of a time many years ago when we all were together celebrating our war fighting community , our great Sailors, our heritage and enjoying our families.

Way to go Mongo. Way to go Master Chief Holland.

Happy 247 Navy!!!!

Keep your knots up,


Below are photos from the Navy Ball.


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