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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Bruce Cunningham, VQ-3

DOB - April 14, 2023

Bruce and Stephanie served in the Avionics shop as ground pounders in VQ3 in Guam from February 1978 - January 1981.

I lost my Dad last night. This post isn’t about asking for condolences or compassion. I just wanted to take the time to brag and say “Thank you, Dad.” He was my rock. My guidance counselor. My teacher. He did so much for his wife, his kids, and his grandkids. He had struggles just like the rest of us, but he did grow from his mistakes, and as he got older and wiser, he took the time to be sure when he left this material world, his family would be well taken care of. He became a selfless man. He was always willing to help my family and I with projects around the house, whether it be painting, laying tile, or building entire kitchen renovations (with his famous custom cabinets everyone wanted to pay him for). He always made himself available to talk to, to teach us, to help us. He spent his earlier life as a military man, doing multiple tours on Navy cruise ships, keeping his fellow Americans safe. He went swiftly with the Lord, no suffering. I remember years ago, he told me his faith allowed him not to be scared of death, rather he couldn’t wait to go and meet the Lord, as the Lord could offer him joy and health in unimaginable ways we cannot achieve on this material earth. And so as my family goes on to the next chapter in life, I will proudly continue living and loving as my father in life has taught me, and I get to carry on his legacy. Lord, please guide us all, as you have my father. Please continue showing us how to spread your love, your compassion, your mercy. For one day you will call our names, and we must be ready. Lord, thank you for blessing me into this life, with the best teachers I could have asked for, including you Mom, Stephanie Cunningham. Dad, thank you for holding my hand in life, and from now on, in spirit. I love you, Dad. — Until we meet again.

Stephanie Cunningham Forty-eight years ago today (April 15) I met the man who would bless my life with joy, love, adventures and blessings that I could have never dreamed of. The biggest of all the joys and blessings were our three sons, Christopher, Steven and Patrick. Our sons in turn filled our lives with more joy, love, adventures and blessings by giving us loving daughters in law and eight bright, beautiful and loving grandchildren who overflow our lives with happiness. Two nights ago Bruce passed peacefully to join our Lord. Although our hearts are filled with sorrow, we will continue to celebrate his life forever knowing he will continue to provide us with the love, comfort and strength from above that he so joyfully gave us during his time on earth. Rest in peace my love.

Bruce Cunningham's FB page

More information will be posted when TCVA obtains the obituary.


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