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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Charles "Gus" Gudmunson

Navy League for 30+ years… he LOVED TACAMO Navy!!

July 11, 1939 ~ April 20, 2023

Larsson (Captain Gus Gudmunson, 83, of Oklahoma City passed away on April 20, 2023. A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

From Dennis "Coach" Warren

For those Navy types out there and those in TACAMO that have served in Oklahoma City…. We have lost a Great friend. Gus “Goose” Gudmunson, CAPT, USN Retired. He was part of the Navy League for 30+ years… he LOVED TACAMO Navy!! Serving in many capacities including the President of the Navy League for 10+ years. I could go on and on about his Navy career from flying Spads in Vietnam to Base Commander of El Centro to being an Honorary Blue Angel. Just barely scratching his career. Great American!! Gus is a TRUE Hero, Warrior, Patriot throughout his Naval Career and into his civilian life serving the Navy in OKC with his lovely wife Karol. TEAM Gudmunson was always there supporting the Navy… and his Oklahoma TACAMO Navy!



by John Keilty "Irish" “ Reflecting on the great life and great times of Captain Gus Gudmunson ,United States Navy” Many Americans this Saturday morning , Are waking up and feeling the Blues, Our Nation and our great Navy, Lost a Naval Aviator” of whence he flew”! The good Captain never met a stranger, He was a man of the indomitable American Spirit, And his untiring and relentless love for our Country and Navy, Is the legend that America all should hear it. His flying legacy goes back to the Vietnam war, Where many deferred and did not go, But in the case of Lt. Gus Gudmunson, One of America’s Patriots and Combat Veterans that you should know ! We saw him at the podium at Tailhook, Detailing combat sorties in the Spad Skyraider, We saw him at the Blue Angel Airshow, With a smile that said “nothing could be greater”! A man of uncommon humility and gentle kindness, A man who so loved a Sailor in a uniform so white, A man who always encouraged and mentored, And always looked at a future “oh so bright!” As the President of the Navy League , And a Boss on the Capitol Hill Lions Team, Chaired the Lions high school scholarship committee, That would help kids achieve their American dream! In 1991 The Navy brought TACAMO, To the plains and heartland attitudes of this windy State, And Gus welcomed us with huge open arms, And a promise that Oklahoma for our Navy would be great! We have so many exciting and wonderful memories, Of Gus at the Navy Ball up on the big stage, Taking full advantage of the opportunity, To offer his experienced wisdom and profound sage. Gus always attended the Wing Community luncheons, So enjoyed fellowship with the warfighters of TACAMO, As soon as he set foot on that Hangar Deck, He quickly became the main show “oh don’t you know”! In every life of sharp turns and uncertain curves, Every journey of steep ups and sinking downs, Every challenge and unkind hurdle, That stands in life’s way in every town! There will be those positive and key influencers, Who will be there to do heavy lifting in a tough day, Gus Gudmunson was one of our National heroes, He rolled up his sleeves and said “ anchors aweigh” And as we say farewell to a man of such character, As we ponder life ahead without a push from “Goose”, We are so incredibly thankful and very blessed, His love and happiness he would radiantly effuse! And my friends the real love of his life , And the part of his life he was most proud to share, Was his family and his loving wife Carol, Together they were such a beautiful pair! We would see them at the Navy Ball, Dressed in their best and with an eternal smile on their face And as they moved about the dance floor, They so lit up the place with dignity and good grace. So Goose thanks for your friendship and support, Thanks for promoting so strongly our Navy Flag, And your generating all that awesome momentum, That caused our Flag to eternally wag with no sag. The wave of excellence that was your life, The bounding surf you rode to mentor us all, Your consistent reminder of how to live and act, Was a map with a constant alpha so we would not stall. Goose ,our friend ,we got the watch now, Enjoy eternal life in a heavenly way, We wish you smooth air and tailwinds, As you fly with the Angels every day! We love you Goose. From your thousands of fans and shipmates across your great Navy. It was truly the honor of a lifetime to know you , to serve with you and to Fly with you. As Admiral Bowman said “ You were a great Strike Lead and the Best Wingman ever- in combat and in life”!

More information will be posted when TCVA obtains the obituary.


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