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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Jeff Hughes, VQ-3

UPDATE: Burial Friday October 29th at 2 pm Fort Sill National Cemetery

Celebration of Life Saturday October 30th time tbd

Bob Wicker Reported:

AMHC (retired) Jeff Hughes passed last night after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Jeff worked for me in VQ-3 and was well known and admired throughout the community. "Irish" and Kim Keilty got to spend time with Jeff, Stephanie & their kids during a recent visit to Florida. Jeff was so blown away by their graciousness. R.I.P. brother and as I said during our last message, we will meet again at our Father's alter.

Back when Jeff Hughes let everyone know he was fighting cancer. Ten months. Everyone's journey here is different but none should include cancer. Jeff shared many of his highlights over the last 10 months but I am sure there were low moments during that time as well. Prayers for his family as they move forward after losing Jeff last night. It breaks my heart and that's two Navy Brothers lost from this world over the past week. Fly high!!

More information coming soon, as plans are being made for Jeff's memorial service.

TCVA extends its sympathy and prayer for peace to Hughes's family and friends during this time of the passing. 


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