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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Jeryl Brooks

September 3, 1965 - February 22, 2023

TACAMO Family,

Jeryl's Brooks’ service was at Fort Gibson OK on Friday, 3 March, at 1300 on a cloudy day. CAPT John Keilty gave a touching, honorable, and humorous tribute to our Brother Jeryl. He reminisced about Jeryl's love for his Navy, Sailors, TACAMO mission, hunting and fishing hobbies, and above all - Jeryl's devotion and love for his family. Of course, there were mentions of Jeryl's always perfectly parted and groomed hair, his potato gun legacy, and his perpetual optimism expressed in his smile. (BTW, I made sure to mention to Jeryl while he was at hospice that he looked handsome as ever and his hair looked beautiful while I brushed it back with my hand. He needed to know this! Everyone had a heartfelt chuckle that Jeryl’s perfect hair was a topic in the eulogy.) Our Commodore made us all very proud and did an exemplary job of representing to Jeryl's family just how significant Jeryl's contributions have been to the Navy and the Mess.

We transitioned to the Fort Gibson National Cemetery where Jeryl has joined family members and his military Brothers and Sisters for eternal rest. When my husband and I were driving to Fort Gibson that morning, it occurred to me that Jeryl should have a hand salute from any Brothers and Sisters who were able to attend as our send off. It was our good fortune that CAPT Keilty was also able to attend the grave site part of the service, so I asked him if he would be the one to lead us in a hand salute. He positioned himself in front of our ranks, gave the commands, and we gave Jeryl our final farewell. Linda and family were very touched and appreciative of that gesture from Jeryl's Navy family. Coincidentally, the sun came out and shined warmly at the conclusion of that service. Linda was able to visit with some of the Chiefs afterward and hear a few stories that brought smiles and laughter - and lots and lots of hugs.

Pictures were taken so that Linda would have them of Jeryl's Navy family who were able to attend. She is so very grateful to everyone who sent emails, text messages, and pictures.

Take care my Brothers and Sisters! I cherish you! Kandy Jo Cina-Guinn

Thank you Kandy Jo for keeping TCVA updated on our fallen.


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