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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Michael Leach , VQ-4

Submitted by Jake Flow

TACAMO Family,

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Mike when we both retired July 2022 in Point Mugu. We crossed paths & stories. Come to find out, we were both proud members of TACAMO a few years back in our awesome careers. It is with a heavy heart that I pass on that a TACAMO brother has recently passed. He went into hospital with flu like symptoms and a long story short, Mike didn't make it out. Mike served at VQ-4. We were co-workers post retirement in July 2022 and careers and conversations came up that we were both TACAMO.

Michael Leach was a Navy veteran who dedicated 22 years of his life in service to country. He had stories etched within his every pore, each one representing a milestone in his illustrious military career. Through countless deployments, Michael witnesses the diverse cultures and beauty of the world. He valiantly served in multiple theaters of conflict, lending skills and courage to protect freedom and the safety of his fellow shipmates, and fellow Americans. On his last tour in the Navy Michael met Brittney in March of 2018 and later married. They have two beautiful children; his daughter Bayia, and Son Kashus. After two decades of dedicated service, Michael made the difficult decision to retire from the Navy to spend more time with his family. After Michael retired, he worked as civilian contractor at VX-30 in Point Mugu California. With a heavy heart to announce his passing on January 5, 2024. His team of contractors will be held a celebration of life at VX-30 Hangar 15 Jan 2024.

He leaves behind a wife and two young children. I ask for prayer & reflection on how, when the Lord calls, we keep a brother or sister in our hearts & prayers. Just like any member of TACAMO, I'd like everyone to know when we lost a great one.

Fair Winds & Following Seas Brother. Rest In Peace. We Have The Watch. Navy Chief! Navy Pride!

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It was my honor to serve with Mike as the AE Branch Chief from 2002-2003. RIP Brother

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