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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Ralph Durrant, VQ-3 Plankowner

May 13 1940 - Dec 16, 2023

Ralph Durrant passed peacefully in Milledgeville, GA. His internment will be in Utah on May 10th.

Photos submitted by Les Durrant, Ralph's son.

"Dad is standing under the nose, next to the Chief," Les Durrant, son of Ralph

More information coming when the family provides it.


Mar 27

Crew 4 The Natops Crew

Ralph was my reel operator’72-74

The photo was taken at CCK

Lt Chuck DuBois Crew 4. Aircraft Commander. Thanks for sharing !

RIP 🙏🏻


Made many a deployment and local flights with Ralph. We barbequed many a steak and hot dogs for our kids. The guy kept me in stitches for hours with his tales. He bought a ghost town in Utah(?) once for what the owner paid ($7)!

Many a day I scoured the California (he was stationed at NAS Miramar then) country side with him looking for old husks of cars that he would find in some farmers field, take it home and rebuild it. He had a favorite upholster shop in Tijuana that he used because the guy "Always treats me square and does a FINE job." He turned a motor boat into a car once. Got pulled over because t…

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