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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Robert “Skinny” Cole VQ-3

DOB – October 12, 2023

This is probably the hardest post I will ever make, I didn’t just lose my dad today. I lost my best friend, someone I could call or talk to about anything no matter how dumb. You thought me so much and showed me what it truly meant to be a man and to give the clothes off your back for others. There was never a time when someone didn’t like to be in your presence. I know you are drinking a cold one up in heaven and getting ready to teach a thing or two to Jesus about racquetball. Love you dad

Brigham Cole, son of Bob Cole

All of the pictures of Bob, my dad, from friends I never got to meet, experiences I didn't get to share, words we didn't get to have. All the words we did share. All the words I regret. All the words we should have said. And now all the words we'll never get to say. There's never enough time. I wish we had more. I wish we had more happy memories. I love you dad, and I'm gonna miss you dearly

Tommy Cole, sister of Bob Cole

Why is life so hard sometimes? What are we supposed to do now? Robert was ALWAYS there for me as a kid. Always!! Coming home will never be the same. He was loved by everyone, the list is long. I couldn’t imagine the world without you. I will miss you calling me, I will miss visiting with you while I’m here and if I could take your place I would. Thank You for flipping me off (twice) on Sunday because I will never ever forget it. That let me know you recognized me. I will always remember “our” time together!! I love you and until we meet again tell Ike, Roger, and Billy to save a Rolling Rock for me because I will see y’all soon! BOOMER SOONER and Roll Damn Tide! Later brah

Last night I received saddening news that my good friend from Oklahoma Bob Cole passed away. We served in the Military together in Oklahoma. Big Daddy Cole had a heart of gold and was such a great person all around. He will be missed by all that knew him. My heart is broken My sincere sympathy and prayers are with the entire Cole family as they grieve during this tough time. Gone too soon.

Jeremy Schofield There’s so much to say about you Bob Cole I don’t even know where to start. From me being a very young man meeting you at WCC, “after I got older”then bike nights, letting me work on your 64 Impala (I was so pumped you let me) going mudding, maybe a few too many beers, but even more the having many heart to heart conversations with you just trying to help me sitting in your garage. Always being a smart-ass to make me comfortable while shooting me straight. Thats only one of very many reasons I’ve always had so much respect for you. I wish I could have gotten to visit you last I asked but I’m very thankful for you taking the time not to only reply while I’m the hospital but still continue to give me advice. You’ve been a very very special person in my life but even more to many many many people lives. I’m so thankful to be one of them. I’m glad your no longer in pain. Put in a good word for me. See you when I get there my friend. Youve always been a great friend but even a more amazing father and husband. My family "and I know many others” have your family in our prayers. Thank you for your service Sir. You’ll be very missed. Definitely one of a kind… I know your resting in peace because I’ve first hand seen your faith!

Phil Brazill Sr is feeling heartbroken.

I lost one of my best buds today. Served with him in the Navy and always had a special friendships. Bob Cole always made me laugh and was a genuine soul. Him and his incredible wife Kathy Perry Cole always open their house to me in times of need. Until we meet again Brother Keep the softball fields ready and the racquetball court reserved

I’m at a complete loss for words tonight. First and foremost my deepest condolences to the entire Cole family and friends. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time and loss The lord has gained an amazing angel. Bob Cole from the time I checked into my first comand, you made it so much fun not only to be stationed with you but to have you as a hell of a friend. From your midnight tacamight horoscope’s readings over the radio on mid shift, to all the other wild and crazy things that we got into you always made the best out of everything and made sure everybody was in a great mood around you. This picture was taken November 2017 during one of our mini reunions. I’m going to miss the hell out of you . This drink is for you tonight. Brother you’re not in pain anymore. R.I.P Robert Bob Cole Bob is in the navy veteran shirt.

Obit and funeral arrangements will be posted when arrangements are made.


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