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TACAMO Memorial Day - June 21st

 Today, we solemnly recognize “TACAMO Memorial Day.” 

The day that TACAMOPAC  Crew 4, in their unwavering commitment, perished off Wake Island. These 16 fine men, embodying the true spirit of duty, honor, and country, gave 'that last measure of devotion'.

It coulda have been any of us. Many TACAMO sailors made take-offs like Broom 1-7 from runway 10 on Wake Island, whether from the Azores, Bermuda, or the Philippines. We all took that same risk for the protection of our country, culture, and way of life.

Finally, we have recognized in history not only Crew 4's sacrifice but also the dedication the TACAMO community has shown over the past 60-plus years to the defense of our nation.

Let's all pause to honor the shipmates and friends who have 'departed the flight line' and left indelible marks on our lives. As mentors, proteges, and shipmates, we all contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the TACAMO community, each in our own unique way, and may we be remembered in the same way.

Safe travels and good health to all of those who have served the TACAMO community.

It coulda been us ...

Link to the video by Boneyard Safari, Ramon Purcell, a tribute to the sixteen men who lost their lives that day.

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Jun 19

Every time I receive a Fallen Veteran notice My heart and prayers go out to the VQ family. Having served in VQ4 and than VQ3, as a Blackshoe what a group of professionals!!! RMCS Gary Waters

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