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TACAMO Virtual Gathering

An email from Jack Bowers (Goatrider Jack) after a successful test to go live with at TACAMO Gathering.

Good morning Airplane Dudes! Thursday afternoon was a real joy for a handful of us former TACAMOites. We virtually reunioned via Zoom set up by Commodore Trucker Vern Lochausen at the request of Godfather Frank Caruso. A short timed fuse was lit when an invitation to join was issued with only 24 hours notice - for senior citizens/patriots, this is a good idea: any further notice would be forgotten at about the 30 hour point. I reference several very reputable medical journals that reported this phenomenon but I can't recall which medical universities did the studies and reported just now. I'll have to ponder that question for a day or the next 30 hours. Attached is a screen shot from Vern's computer, much better than mine because instead of Holiwood Squares view, I had a row of postage stamps at the top of the screen - what's the secret of seeing Charlie Weaver and all the other TACAMOites the same size on the screen? There are two additional pptx files (links below) talking about some of our history in TACAMO, some very exciting sea stories, i.e. Why the Herc, a TACAMO aircraft landing on a golf course after participating in an actual nuclear explosion, and TACAMO history. The sea stories talked about such things as landing a C-130 in the Eastern Shore cornfield, landing with the Parking brake set, Fernando's exploits, reports on self that was embarrassing at the time, but funny now, and on and on. For you non-TACAMO guys and gals, TACAMO was a "survivable" communications link between the President and the SSBN nuclear submarines as part of the SIOP. Nuff said, take a look at the unclass attachments. You'll also find online TACAMO given the Dooms Day Machine nickname. I was the second Air Intelligence Officer attached to VQ-4 after the squadron was set up. Gals and Guys who joined the Zoom, it was great fun, thanks to Trucker and Godfather for the inspiration and execution of a very successful first virtual TACAMO mini reunion. For any TACAMOites who would be interested in future Zooms, email or comment below of FB. Keep on Flyin', Goatrider Jack

TACAMO aircraft landing on a golf course after participating in an actual nuclear explosion


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