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Update: TACAMO Fallen Veterans - Mike Kemp, VQ-3, TACAMO PMA & 2016 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee

Today, I was notified by the Texas Central Veteran's Cemetary, near Killeen, Texas, that ATCS Mike Kemp, will have his ashes interned, Friday Dec. 1st at 1PM.

Guess are asked to be parked and in place by 12:45PM.

Please share your thoughts and experiences, serving with Mike for the family.

His daughter, a close friend, and I will be attending.

Tracy W. Smith,


TACAMO 1981-1994

Mike Kemp, 2016 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee

On Thursday, Jun 29, 2023 Tracy Smith wrote:

'Im sorry to report that ATCS(NAC)-Ret. Michael Kemp passed away last night (28 June 2023) at Providence Medical Center, Waco, Texas. When more information is available, I will let you know.

By his side were close friends and family.

Fair winds and following seas Senior Chief / Doctor Kemp.

Tracy Smith


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