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❤️ Valentines Day...No Stress Shopping! ❤️

Below: Read the comments from those who have received the cookbook.

So, you forgot to order your hunny a TACAMO Heritage Cookbook in time for Christmas!

Fear not, TCVA has plenty and you can get one for Valentines Day!!

❤️ Problem Solved! ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

One book contains the TACAMO Heritage Cookbook & REEL TACAMO CHOW

One book contains the TACAMO Heritage Cookbook & REEL TACAMO CHOW.

TCVA is proud to offer a treasured collection of TACAMO family recipes. If your original VQ-3 or VQ-4 cookbook is tattered and torn, you need this cookbook.

The TACAMO Heritage Cookbook recipes are compiled from the VQ-4 Officers Wives Club, VQ-4 All

Wives Club, VQ-3 Officers Wives Club, and TACAMO family recipes from Guam, Hawaii, Patuxent

River, and Oklahoma.

REEL TACAMO CHOW shares recipes from Reel Operators and other crew positions who

cooked and fed their crews inflight and in the hooch. Spoiler Alert, there are honest Sea Stories scattered throughout the book.

Mom (John Burgoon) says "You are going to love this cookbook!" You know you can always trust your Mom!!


From Roz Greenauer (Spouse of Posthumous, Artie Freenauer)

"I want to " Thank you " for one of the Best Cookbook and History and Members who shared so much of their time in VQ and the laughter and challenges that came with the time spent in VQ's .. I hope everyone has ordered this Brilliant TACAMO CookBook and the family they had along the road way. I Love and Treasure it for so many reasons. High 5 to All that contributed in each and every way."

From Phyllis Coyne (Spouse of Bill Coyne)

"Cookbook arrived today.  Extraordinary job. Congratulations to you and thanks to all for their hard work. I will order extra."

See photos below..."That’s what my original copy looks like. Front page missing.

This arrived none to soon."


Phyllis's Recipes Saved by John "Mom" Burgoon!!! This is the new book and when you flip it over you will find the REEL TACAMO CHOW!


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