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Lew McIntyre has just published two books. They are "The Eagle and the Dragon, a Novel of Rome and China" and "Come, Follow Me, a Story of Pilate and Jesus." The "Eagle and the Dragon" is a full-length novel, a fictional account of Roman diplomatic mission to China, and like most first missions, everything went wrong. It is based on actual diplomatic contacts between the two superpowers of their day, and has good reviews from British historians and has been twenty years on the making. Also "Come, Follow Me" is a short story of that first Easter weekend, told through Pontius Pilate's eyes... with a twist at the end. You can get both on Amazon by searching for the title, or my name which will pull up both books. Available in paperbook or Kindle format.

COMING NEXT: “True Believers” the true story of people who started in TACAMO when it was dead end duty and made a successful career of it while also molding the community into the professional force it is today.

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