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What's Happening Friday, June 23?

TACAMO BBQ "Past and Present TACAMO"

  • Base Access: non-retired folks without military ID must submit to enter the base DUE JUNE 1st

  • Full nine (9) digit Social Security Number (Required for vetting)

  • Date of birth

  • Driver’s license number with state of issue (State ID if no Driver’s License)

  • Last name, First name and MI

  • Names on the EAL

  • 815am -- TCVA Attendees gather in Sheraton Aria Lounge for briefing & Carpools depart for NAS OKC (Tinker AFB)

  • Briefing: NO cell phones, camera, go pros, any recording or gps tracking devices

  • 9am -- Gather at designated area to enter TACAMO Headquarters

  • Tours:

  • VQ-3 Crew 4 Hallway

  • Video with plane tour

  • Weapons Systems Trainers

  • High Bay/Simulator

  • Aircraft

  • 11 to 1230 BBQ:

  • OKC Pulled Pork & Reel OP beans and sides

  • Shopping at Squadrons stores & TCVA's Paraloft

  • Guest speakers and Cake Cutting


  • 1430 - 1830 — TACAMO Sprit Wear Happy Hour

  • @ Sheraton Downtown OKC in Aria Lounge

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