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Mission Accomplished

Yesterday, June 8th, began as we all gathered at the Punchbowl chapel. The sun shone through the open grate windows reflecting on the photo of Crew 4. As we made our way up the memorial walk to the monument, we could see a light mist in the distance. We gathered at the top overlook, the mist fell on us as if they were tears of joy. Everyone took notice of this while preparing for the ceremony. As Dennis “Coach” Warren, CAPT (USN Retired) began the ceremony, the sun illuminated the entire crater of the Punchbowl.

CAPT Warren was joined by Vern Lochausen CAPT (USN Retired) and CDR Adam Hancock, Operations Officer of Strategic Communications Wing ONE and former VQ-3 Skipper. With Diamond Head in the background, two VQ-3 Sailors steadied the centerpiece which was a framed photo of the Crew 4 granite stone memorial that will be placed at Wake Island Operations. To the far right stood 16 crew members representing Crew 4. Behind the seated guests, was a Navy flag detail and firing detail. On the grassy mound beyond, stood an Air Force Staff Sergeant bugler accompanied by a VQ-3 Sailor holding the flag and nearby Marine Corps Sergeant poised to play the bagpipes.

CAPT Warren declared that Crew 4 had been ‘relieved of the guard’. The crew was called to attention, then marched over the hill with honor into eternity.

After the ceremony, active duty Sailors from VQ-3, who were key to this event, gathered around the memorial while Cheryl Vos sprinkled Wake Island sand from the end of runway 10 over the memorial. A 5 year quest to recognize and memorialize TACAMOPAC Crew 4 has been achieved and now the crew has a memorial in their honor. The TACAMO Community Veterans Association would like to thank all who contributed to this endeavor. We can now say, “Mission Accomplished”.


Yes ! Mission Accomplished !

TCVA's mission for the past 5 years has been to find all of the Crew 4 families and provide an explanation, memorial and closure for them. This, we have finally achieved. And, like so many other missions of this magnitude, it was achieved with the help and support of a team.

That team, be they active participants or financial supporters are too numerous to mention individually. So, I'll recognize the groups that played roles in this endeavor. Individuals know who they are and can accept our congratulations for helping to accomplish this mission.

Crew 4 Families and Friends

Financial contributors to the Crew 4 Quest

STRATCOMMWING-1 Leadership and Staff

VQ-3 Leadership and Staff

VQ-3 Crew 2 and additional Shipmates

CINCPACFLT/Navy Region Honor Guard

National Cemetery of the Pacific Leadership and Staff

Bugler - TSgt. David Diamond (USAF)

Bagpiper - Sgt. Noah Berry (USMC)

Holian Monuments

Honor Life Memorials

Wake Island 1977 & 2015 Leadership and Staff

Boneyard Safari

TCVA Crew 4 Quest Volunteers

TCVA Board of Directors

Mahalo Nui to all who made this possible.

Mike Vos, Founder & Executive Director of TCVA

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