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2017 TACAMO Reunion Golf Outing

Steve Hickle, 2016 TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductee, organized a day of golf for 11 full teams, totalling 44 golfers or wanna be golfers. Each player was given The Golf Warehouse bag of goodies and a very nice lunch. Raffle prizes included: a new putter, golf shirt, several pairs of golf socks, a Navy bell, and several boxes of a dozen golf balls.


1st place team = score 59 2nd place team = score 61

Chocko Baker Victor Flores

Buff Crowell Joshua Bennett

Bernie Grateman Adam Sylvester

Chris Lozano Andrew Cruz

3rd place team = score 65

John Allen

Matt Thien

Stephen Duran

Daniel Owens

  • Longest Drive winner = Chad Carlson

  • Longest Putt winner = Matthew Kennedy

  • Closest to the pin winner = Matt Thien

  • Worst golf shot award = Ramon Purcell (Ramon had a rough day but he had fun.)

Steve is looking forward to a tournament in SC next year!!!!

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