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TCVA's 3rd Party TACAMO Event Policy

Recently TWS (Together We Served) website admin notified its TACAMO members of an upcoming “TCVA Reunion” in Pax River in May 2018. TCVA has since had inquiries about an event in May 2018 at Pax River Solomon's Island Rec. Center. The event, organized by Bill "Buff" Crowell, is indeed scheduled and Bill is actively promoting it. Please be advised that this IS NOT a TCVA sanctioned event. It is NOT sponsored or endorsed by TCVA.

TCVA is a non-profit organization formed pursuant to 26 U.S.C. Section 501(c). It does not promote the official or unofficial events or acts of others and therefore, bears no responsibility or liability for such.

We hope that Bill has a terrific turnout and his attendees have a safe and enjoyable TACAMO picnic. The next TCVA sponsored reunion in 2018 is set in Charleston SC. It will feature all the events that you have come to expect from a TCVA reunion including group functions & seminars, the TACAMO Hall of Fame Banquet, and memorabilia sharing.

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