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Yesterday, a Herc Galley and wing pod were moved to Dan Burie’s Ranch for storage.

In 2015, TACAMO members gathered to remove as many TACAMO related mission items from the past VQ-3 & VQ-4 Hercs at the boneyard in Tucson. Thanks to the efforts of Ramon Purcell of Boneyard Safari, the items were released to Mike Vos for transportation to OKC and Pax River. At that time the galley frame would not fit on the trailer, so it remained in the boneyard. Last April, Ramon was able to get the galley frame released to Mark Cochran. In June, Mark transported the frame to OKC to be reunited with the refrigerator and convection oven.

Dennis “Coach” Warren, TCVA Director of Historic Preservation has been storing the TACAMO Galley Kitchen and wing pod at his home while working with museums to place these items in a display.

Many thanks to everyone for your help in gathering, transporting and storing the TACAMO Galley!

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