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TCVA Accomplishments & Future

Since 1997 reunions were held in Pax River every-other year. In 2010, Gary Fodor helped TCVA host the first destination reunion. In 2011 TCVA returned to Pax River where everyone began asking for destination reunions. Since then TCVA sponsored Reunions were held in Oklahoma City 2012 & 2017, Seattle 2012, Marietta 2014, Honolulu 2016. TCVA Sponsored Deployments in 2015 Tucson & Destin, Florida.

Since 2012, TCVA has been successful in many community events mentioning

Successful events planned:

  • 2015 - TACAMOPAC Crew 4 Families Gathering at VQ-3 Command

  • 2015 - Boneyard Safari Gathering to remove and collect TACAMO Herc plane parts

  • Reunions - Destination reunions celebrating TACAMO History

Community-building activities facilitated:

  • 2012 - Established the TACAMO Hall of Fame, awards are presented every year at the reunion

  • 2013 Reunion - Seattle reunion united TACAMO and Boeing members who worked on the E6.

  • Crew 4 Quest - Connecting with TACAMOPAC Crew 4 family and friends and recognition to TACAMOPAC Crew 4 with memorials and ceremony

  • NAS Oklahoma Reunions - 2012 & 2017 reunions building relationships with TACAMO active duty members

  • Boneyard Safari Gathering assisted with TCVA with obtaining to TACAMO Herc plane parts and produced the TACAMOPAC Crew 4 Memorial Ceremony at The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

  • TCVA assisted with the fundraiser for a plaque to recognize Dave Dick for his extraordinary accomplishments in support of the TACAMO and E-6 Airborne Command Post missions.

  • TACAMO Vets Assist to Find Manuals for Tacamo-III PA, S/N005, which is now back up and working great!

  • VQ-3 History Board - TCVA Ribbon Cutting for the FIRST Museum Display at Naval Air Museum Barbers Point

  • Recognition to Personnel Support Detachment now Customer Support Detachment (CSD), Established 25 years ago

  • Recognition to the Founding Members of TACAMO Survivors Association

  • LinkedIn, connecting former TACAMO veterans and retirees with active duty job seekers


  • TACAMO Fallen Memorial Stone placement in The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

  • TACAMO Artifacts - Collecting and cataloging items from members

  • Heritage Center - Research and Contact museums to place TACAMO Displays

  • 2017 Online based presents:

  • Rolled out the NEW TCVA website

  • TCVA Paraloft rolled out new product in the NEW store.

  • Trailing Wire Newsletter changed to paperless distribution and add a blog for news alerts

  • Historic documents and presentation are now viewable on the website​

TCVA Future Projects, Events & Community-Building Activities:

  • Annual future Reunion destinations: 2018 East Coast - Charleston, SC, 2019 West Coast, 2020 Central USA

  • Heritage Center Projects:

  • 891 Display in Pensacola at the National Naval Aviation Museum

  • Pax River Museum Display

  • Seek out other museums to put TACAMO Displays

  • Storage of TACAMO Artifacts (Long term storage)

  • Collecting TACAMO Artifacts

  • Experience Grant Writer Needed

  • Membership Dues - Organizations with membership programs are able to accomplish much more with the help of their members’ contributions.

  • TACAMO Members Cookbook benefits Heritage Center Projects

  • Volunteer opportunities that have impacted the community where the reunion being held.

  • Social Media Assistant to promote TCVA on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest

  • Volunteer to building a database of all TACAMO members and their squadron & years

  • TACAMO Timeline

  • Trivia Facebook Post - Throwback Thursday, WWW: Way back Wednesday, etc

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