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2015 Hall of Fame Awards Presented

Missions Accomplished!

Another TCVA First!!

As many remember, TCVA did not hold a reunion in 2015 in order for everyone to save for those attending the Hawaii Reunion. This year, TCVA traveled to the 2015 inductees hometown to present their awards.

On August 12th, Vern Lochausen and Dennis "Coach" Warren traveled to Portsmouth RI and presented Hall of Fame hardware to Neil Carbery, Class of 2015. He was unable to travel to recent reunions so they traveled to his home. He's a VQ-4 PlankOwner and flew TACAMO II thru IV, roll on/roll off vans to the first dual trailing wire antenna versions. We learned that he was a classmate in TACAMO crew training and Chief Petty Officer initiation and pinning with the late RMC Aubrey Russell, TACAMOPAC Crew 4.

On October 1st, Mike and Cheryl Vos traveled to LaGrange, KY to present Bill Coyne his Hall of Fame hardware, Class of 2015. Much to our surprise the ceremony took place in the hospital. (Bill was recovering from is tumble off a 7 foot at his home.) He was in VQ-4 from 1973-75 as the MO, XO, and CO during work up to and restart of 100% airborne coverage. A pioneering CO of VQ-4 who crafted some of the tactics and structures that empowered the TACAMO community 100% airborne coverage with ground alert site. Bill was also an early pioneer and advocate for making TACAMO a warfare specialty. He convinced the Navy leadership to fence TACAMO budgets and funding and has supported TCVA BOD with pro-bono legal advice during HOF creation.

On October 12th, Jim Meppelink presented Jerry Summerday with his Hall of Fame hardware in Oklahoma City. Jerry attended the 2017 OKC reunion banquet but was unable to receive the award due to the hardware was left in the TCVA office in Hawaii. TCVA would like to thank Jim for making the presentation to Jerry.

After years of searching, Mike Vos connected with Stan Grant's sister, Cheryl Gillespie

in Falmouth Maine. Stan was a Reel Operator and Instructor Extraordinaire who mentored ROs from the 1970s thru his untimely passing in the 1990s. Stan taught the French to operate the TACAMO reel system they had in their Astarte C-160 aircraft.

Cheryl and Mike enjoyed their time reminiscing about Stan and his time in TACAMO.

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